5 Lugio 2018

Brembo unveils the ninth World SBK round at Misano Adriatico


After the Laguna Seca event, the Superbike World Championship returns to Europe: from 6 to 8 July 2018 the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli hosts the 9th World Cup. Located a couple of kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, in the street named after Daijiro Kato, the track celebrates its 46th anniversary this year. Over the years, the track has undergone several changes until arriving in 2008 to the current configuration of 4,226 meters. Despite the presence of 16 curves, the brakes are only 8 because different changes of direction are addressed without resorting to the brakes. The Italian track is one of the few in the World without decelerations of 1.4 g and 1.5 g. The risk of overheating the plants is therefore minimal. According to Brembo technicians who work closely with 16 World Superbike riders, the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli is a moderately demanding circuit for the brakes. On a scale of 1 to 5, a difficulty index of 3 was deserved, identical to the slopes of Laguna Seca and Portimão. The 8 brakes per lap involve the use of brakes of just under 29 seconds, for a percentage of 30 percent of the entire duration of the race. The percentage is identical to the Imola track where the brakes are used for almost 32 and a half seconds per lap. Imola, however, also boasts 700 meters longer than the Misano track. The two Italian tracks have a braking of 48 meters in common and little else. In Misano the braking distances of the most insidious corners are in fact considerably wider: 251, 224 and 197 meters while in Imola under no circumstances are the braking protracted over 188 meters. The average maximum deceleration is 1.06 g, the lowest value of the last part of the season. To lower this value a trio of curves contributed with 1.1 g of deceleration and another pair with 1 g. Adding up all the forces exerted by a pilot on the brake lever from the start to the checkered flag, the value exceeds 810 kg, equivalent to the weight of about 140 beach chairs. Of the 8 braking of the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli one is considered highly demanding for the brakes, 6 are of medium difficulty and another is light. The most challenging is the curve 8 because the two previous curves are tackled without using the brakes and so the Superbikes are able to gain speed. At the corner of curve 8 the riders will present themselves at 270 km / h and to pass in less than 5 seconds (4.9 for accuracy) to 79 km / h brake for 224 meters with a load on the lever of 5.3 kg. At that point the Brembo liquid pressure in the braking system touches 11.4 bar while it reaches 11.6 bar at turn 10: the Superbike brakes for 4.6 seconds to go down from 228 km / h to 68 km / h. With the brakes pulled the motorcycles run 175 meters, equivalent to 57 watercraft lined up one behind the other. Absolutely, however, the braking that requires more space is that of the first corner: in fact, 251 meters are needed to the Superbike to slow from 256 km / h to 116 km / h. However, the maximum deceleration does not exceed 1.1 g and the load on the lever exercised by the pilots is 4.9 kg. At Misano the bikes with Brembo brakes are unbeaten since 2010: since then, Kawasaki has won 7 times, the Aprilia 4 and the Ducati 3. The last Italian rider to win on this track was Marco Melandri in 2017 with the Ducati. Chaz Davies instead has never climbed on the top step of the podium at Misano.

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