4 Aprile 2018

Triumph Bonneville the spirit of '59

Special | Bonneville | Triumph

1959 marked the beginning of a socio-cultural and artistic period of great rebirth. A true cultural explosion. The birth of a new attitude that would have led to life and full enjoyment of life; an attitude that inspired an artistic revolution that went all the way from music to art, giving rock 'n' roll and Andy Warhol's Factory. This hard-won freedom of expression has helped to create today's world and give life to a culture that still surrounds us today. The iconic Triumph Bonneville original born in 1959, which celebrates its fifty-ninth anniversary in 2018, embodies this spirit and passion for life in the round. It has inspired generations of motorcyclists, from movie stars to young café racers, translating into timeless motorcycling movements that have accompanied Triumph to the present day. This spirit lives on today in all Triumph Modern Classic, each with an original genetic heritage, an iconic style and technical features that are among the most modern, complete and evolved on the market. To celebrate this anniversary, Triumph Italia has collaborated with thread artist Gianluca "Lucky" Croci, founder and deus ex machina of Kaos Design, to create a personalized Modern Classic inspired by the original Bonnie of '59, under the banner of "The Spirit of '59". Thus was born the Bonneville T100 Special Edition Spirit of '59 by Kaos Design. Kaos mood is a lifestyle, a mental form based on the study of colors, styles, fashions, techniques and technologies. Working closely with the Triumph Italia team, Gianluca "Lucky" Croci has interpreted a motorcycle, inspired by one of the most important cultural movements in history, transferring the passion for the pleasure of living and enjoying life to "motorcycle matter". Linked to the Spirit of '59 project, a prize competition has been launched for which all those who book a test ride at www.triumphmotorcycles.it and will perform it from 23 March 2018 to 31 May 2018, can participate in the draw of the Bonneville T100 Special Edition SPIRIT OF '59 BY Kaos design. With the Instant Win mechanism. up for grabs also Triumph leather jackets. "Driving a customized motorcycle means showing what you are and what you believe in," said Lucky Croci. It's about expressing that part of you that separates you from the rest of the crowd. Triumph has undoubtedly been a fundamental part of this culture for 59 years and I am happy to be able to take part in their history and British motorcycle history ". Christophe Couet, Country Manager at Triumph Motorcycles, added: "Triumph motorcycles have always been synonymous with the freedom exploded in '59 with the iconic Bonneville T120 and what it represented. First introduced in '58, the original Bonnie changed the face of motorcycling around the world and created a legend. The collaboration with Kaos Design celebrates the feeling of individuality that still lives today in the culture that surrounds us and, of course, in every Triumph ". From the moment pop culture exploded in the late '50s, a wave of creative individualism saw the motorcycle become a synonym of personal freedom and the Triumph quickly gained a place of honor among the favorite bikes on both sides of the 'Atlantic. For stars of the music and cinema of the '60s, like Steve McQueen and Bob Dylan, Triumph Bonneville has helped define their free and unconventional style, characterizing their philosophy towards life. Today, for a new generation of famous fans on two wheels, from Tom Cruise to David Beckham and Tom Hardy, the Modern Classic by Triumph continue to embody the spirit of individuality and freedom born in '59. In this disruptive cultural context, the iconic original Bonneville T120 was chosen to attempt the 1956 land speed record on the Salt Lake of Bonneville in Utah, USA. Presented for the first time in 1958, the Bonneville T120 was commonly considered a turning point in terms of performance, style and attitude in the world of motorcycling. The winner of the record, just off the prodigious vehicle, he defined the landmark and turning point for design, engine and handling, announcing a new era of accessible performance for motorcycling. Chosen by both famous bikers, a new generation of young drivers for its exciting British twin-cylinder, its legendary maneuverability, style and character, the Bonneville T120 embodies all the passion and characteristics of the era. Nowadays, these elements are combined with the best technologies on the market, making the new Bonneville family the authentic, true and unique choice of the Modern Classic segment.

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