28 Marzo 2018

Kawasaki Z900 RS Cafe

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This year Kawasaki amazed at the vitality and quantity of models presented. On all hit the new Z900 RS and his sister half-fair Cafe. The first is inspired, not so vehemently, by the original Z1 of the 70s, while the second is a perfect base in the style of café racer.
To understand the difference between the two imagine a nice cup of steaming coffee: the RS is made with a classic wafer, while the Cafe is the result of a toasted mixture and ground before your eyes. It is always the same drink but the taste, and the guide, will be different.
Characterized by a well-defined style, with the dome that leads to endurance races and a look to JoeBar, the Z900 RS Cafe is available only in the classic Kawasaki green with white friezes and boasts a more sporty saddle position and loaded on the front by the lower handlebar that makes it a little less comfortable than the "classic" RS, available in three different colors.
The base is common, but the substantial difference is made by small but decisive details such as the specifically designed saddle and the dedicated vintage dome. For both the same frame in trellis of tubes and suspensions, not rigid but still calibrated for a sporting guide. The same goes for the four-cylinder in-line engine (as on the Z1) of 948 cubic centimeters that delivers 111 horsepower and 98.5 nanometers.
This model focused on simplicity, limiting the electronic controls as much as possible, on the economy (5.3 liters are declared every 100 kilometers in the combination) and on the sound that the Akashi engineers paid particular attention to.
At the end we find in our hands a modern and fun motorcycle with a look and, in some situations, a vintage guide that will certainly enjoy the double elements instrumentation, the tank and the tail that recall the style of the maxi naked Kawasaki of the years '70, while the alloy rims with spokes that simulate the rays could be puzzled.
Thinking the first time we saw both models together, instinctively we wanted to turn on the RS and take it away, but after a few weeks we found ourselves collecting mental snapshots on the Cafe, because the truth is that to us coffee likes strong!

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