28 Marzo 2018

Honda Special: the power of dreams

Special | Honda

The concept is as simple as it is effective: providing the most interesting customizers in the four corners of the world with their models and inviting them to experiment and offer unique specials. Yamaha did it, followed BMW and now also Honda is converted to this type of advertising and inspirational program, but with a substantial difference: compared to other manufacturers, in fact, the Japanese giant, in addition to using the classic formula of the contest with limited budgets and time, it allows access to high-level consultancies, guaranteeing innovative ideas and technical skills to prepare itself and the preparers to create unique specials.
They call it the Dream Ride Project Honda and it is a challenge glove launched to the whole world to customizers because in addition to the obviousness of the case, the project also leverages the historical aspect of the Japanese manufacturer and more generally on the safety and sportiness of the specials. created by the trainer on duty assisted by a mentor chosen from professionals in the sector.
A Work team receives the base, a Honda CBR 250 RR, and in three months, without breaking the budget, work to give life to their special Honda.
Among the various protagonists of the project is the creation of Yuwono Jati of Lunatic Custom Motorcycles that with a neo-retro style has given life to a small special that would not disfigure both in an official Honda dealership (maybe next to the RCV213V-S) and on the grid departure of a dedicated single-brand store. Drawing inspiration from modern racer cafés, Yuwono has created something different than what has been seen up to now in the panorama of specials, mixing the old Honda style with modern industrial technologies, working closely with the Honda Motorcycle research and development team in Japan and Honda Indonesia to ensure that changes were safe and did not affect driving pleasure. The "bodywork" was built using a 1.2mm galvanized steel plate, while the fairing and tank covers are in polished aluminum. The Daymaker projector and Firestone tires demonstrate how Yuwono has blended modern components with its classic design to improve safety. Continuing along this path of modernity and classicism, the team of Lunatic Custom Motorcycles designed and manufactured a tubular stainless steel swingarm that incorporates the style of the frame and replaced the 17-inch cast-iron wheels with other aluminum spoked 18 and hubs coming from a CBX550F that imitates the drum brakes, but that inside they contain much more modern and performing disk drives. Other details worthy of mention are the completely redone tail that incorporates a custom tail light and a red leather saddle with diamond stitching, in addition to the exhaust system completely redone and hidden venting the gas from the side slits, the end bar mirrors , the aluminum friezes scattered everywhere (even in front of the radiator) and the classic red and white paintwork. At the end of the construction, the small twin-cylinder has traveled 500 kilometers in just two days to test its functionality and ... the level of fun!

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