23 Marzo 2018

Yamaha SR 500 Scrambler

Special | Yamaha | Pirelli | Scrambler | Brembo | LED

Sometimes the right idea comes from the simplicity of thoughts. Take, for example, the scramblers born to be small non-specialist terrain but fun, able to support solitary or in pairs motorcyclists and that if necessary can also digest road and highway transfers with relative ease. With the time the preparers (even at the request of the customers have scramblerizzato of everything, only Boeign and refrigerators are missing and the list will be complete! Fortunately there are those who look beyond the passing fashions and follows the youthful instinct, as Daniel Peter that he wanted a scrambler comparable in all respects to his BMX. Impossible? Maybe yes, or maybe not seen the result.Starting from a Yamaha SR500, it made it easy and fun without adding unnecessary frills, what is needed while what is not there is because it was considered unnecessary. "Having run long ago with the SR500, Daniel already knew where to intervene to lighten as much as possible the standard motorcycle.This allowed on the one hand to improve exponentially the agility of the SR500 and the other to improve the performance of the engine and the series brakes, nevertheless the engine has been reinvigorated thanks to new connecting rod and piston that have raised the displacement at the limit of the 540cc and new camshafts, valves and springs, PowerDynamo ignition, bigger oil pump, 39mm Keihin FCR carburetor with K & N filter and exhaust system with stainless steel manifolds and Cone Engineering terminal. These interventions have modified the maximum power and, above all, the torque curve that is now spread over a wider range of use and in a more generous way. The chassis has been upgraded with adjustable suspension composed of a 41mm '95 Kawasaki ZX6R fork and two longer Gazi rear shocks linked to a new MotoLanna aluminum swingarm; the 17 wheels are a KTM supermotard front mix and Honda CRF450 with Pirelli MT60 Corsa tires while the brakes are composed of Brembo and Beringer elements. As a good photographer Daniel has also paid special attention to the (functional) aesthetics of his SR500 with a new flat saddle, LSL handlebar, new knobs and levers, LED headlights, shortened mudguards and coloring inspired by a trip through the Baja. Curiously missing the instrumentation, but Daniel justified the absence with a disarming simplicity, pointing out that he has never looked at it!

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