15 Marzo 2018

Honda XL600R "Dirt Trooper" by Herencia Motor Company

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An XL600R transformed to survive an attack of the Death Star and to juggle even in the city's terrestrial traffic, this is what you think when you look at the Dirt Trooper, special made on the basis of a Honda XL600R of the 86 from the Argentine factory Herencia Motor Company. In itself the single cylinder endurona is able to resist the bombs of a nuclear attack as it is reliable and robust; Dakarian experiences have made it an indestructible mule capable of reaching the goal of the African marathon after thousands of kilometers traveled between stones and sand without mechanical problems. What divides modern motorcyclists instead is the look from the moment that there are those who appreciate it and those who find it a bit 'dated. For this reason Federico Lozada and German Karp, who manage the motorbike branch of Herencia, have decided to modify it by following new paths both for themselves and for today's world of customization, proposing to the client / customer something never seen before. Taking advantage of a lived-in but in good state of the police and different components that in fact were leftovers of previous customizations, they created a transverse means able to adapt to any terrain. Since the mechanics and chassis were essentially in order the team modified the rear portion of the chassis by engaging the corresponding element coming from a Triumph Scrambler and freed the exhaust system with a Ducati silencer. The bulk of the work was done on the superstructures starting from the incredible tank obtained by welding on a BMW R100 unit the upper part of a pair of metal tanks. The rest are mainly details like the LED headlights with the front characterized by a "battery" of three superimposed elements very scenic and at the same time useful, the instrumentation replaced by an application visible on the smartphone that has a dedicated housing, the luggage racks front and back, the Triumph saddle and the curious box on the left that houses the battery. The final touch is the painting that plays on two colors: black (little) and sand (a lot). The final effect is perfect because it accurately reflects the idea of ​​a military but not martial, robust but not only pragmatic, but nevertheless able to spread even in city traffic, reliable but not at all boring, fashionable but out of the box. And if we consider that the XL600R is not the holy grail of motorcycles, that the used prices are ridiculous and comparable to those of a new small-displacement scooter and that a transformation like that of the Herencia does not require big interventions that a good welder is not able to do, then it is easy to assume that some of you are already flipping greedily among the ads of the used.

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