11 Marzo 2018

Can Am TNT 250 "55 Fast"

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When I look at a special I wonder if the person who built it is the owner or not. And in the first case I wonder what pushed a sane person to shut themselves up in a garage to disassemble and try to reassemble, with no certainty of the result, different components on a bike that probably already went well. Then I stop to consider other aspects such as the economic and social that on the scale of the scale are opposed to the pleasure of driving something personal and, probably, unique. The problem is that, like so many other things, even the specials have become a social business card, a medal to be displayed on their jacket as an aperitif, a way to affirm a status among a thousand others. The specials, in short, have become fashionistas and to pay the consequences are the fans who have seen exponentially increase the prices of motorcycles used as bases for their specials, and components to modify them. But then it happens to surf the web and run into a preparation like the one you can admire in the photos and think "maybe not all is lost, because there is someone around that instead of the usual cardinal box or some two-cylinder Italian has found something better to transform ". What is it? Of a Can Am TNT 250, old American enduro with two-stroke engine of the '70s, transformed into ... something else! A job that lasted several years, carried forward in the free moments, which saw change step by step the rear axle (seat post), the chassis (Ohlins shock absorbers, Yamaha RD350 fork and aluminum swingarm), the Rotax engine and any other single element that was supposed to be replaced or transformed to go faster. So you can call it cafe racer for semi dumbbells, flat track for that elusive tail or endurance for the half-carcase does not matter; what interests is the courageous idea that hatches in the metal of which it is composed or a radically enduro motorbike transformed to be the fastest in the neighborhood. And if by chance there is an old and flattened two-year-old '80s or' 90s grasshopper in your garage, do not throw it, do not give it away, do not try to sell it for a few pennies, but try to do something like this: you will not regret!

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