9 Agosto 2017

Recipe for easy easy scrambler

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It's too easy to get a special starting from an already optimized base. Too simple to use the ideas of other customizers to make classic copy / paste. Excessively redundant exposed brushed metal because ... makes the bar cool. But above all, too little heart if with a pharaonic budget he gets a drummer from a trainer and he is said to "give me a special cool and unique one and turn his head to the bee with his friends" and so on. No dear gentlemen, customizations, preparations, and transformations must be able to do so (as far as possible) in the intimacy of their own garage, perhaps by mistake and retrying the position of some details we like and which we do not want to do without ( And that, in the end, it is the way we characterize and personalize our "motion") by disassembling pieces to be modified (where necessary) by individual craftsmen chosen first and foremost for their skill not for the social appeal that above. But above all a special must be able to afford the right. Nowadays you define your budget and then work accordingly; But once you decided on the style and saved yourself to buy the individual pieces and mount them as they recovered (also used!). In the modern era, however, it immediately relocates and subside by giving maths from a motor show reality, losing the poetry of an intimate gesture. That is why we like the small scrambler you see in the picture, obtained from a base considered poor rather than cheap (a Suzuki GN125) and black that blacks can not ... with good pace of aerography and glittering paint or metalflake that if Sketch you can rest assured that you will need to reshape the whole piece from scratch. And if the result also guarantees a simple and multipurpose means then the objective can be considered centered in full. The creators of this scrambler are the French of Bad Winners who on the basis of the small Suzuki have defined a real catalog on which the customer can choose the individual modifications for his own special, defining its technical and stylistic features. The advantage of this work setting? The one-year guarantee, the price and the implementation time defined since the first meeting, the delivery to the home and the security of the final result. And of these times is not a bad thing! By itself, preparation does not require much effort, and more than anything else points to "GN" demolition and then "dressing" it with lighter elements and suitable for urban cowboy use (and not just). Thus, excluding the classic operation on the back of the chassis (closed with a bow), the mudguards, lights, instrumentation, rims, handlebars, knobs and controls are replaced with lighter and smaller ones (Motogadget, Bates and Renthal mainly). The saddle is made by hand, the engine completely rebuilt and equipped with Megaton Classic exhaust and cone air filter, the simplified electrical system and equipped with LED elements. Matte black powder coating covers practically every element except the tank on which the customer can pour any form of customization (although all else can be customized according to the customer's tastes). In itself, the scramblerized version of the GN125 seems perfect for the practical and fun purpose for which it was designed, but in the workshop they have already prepared a bobber variant. The degree of fun remains unaltered, that if we were in the kitchen, we would identify with the classic "QB" formula, or at will. And who among you would have the courage to say "ok, now it's just fun. Let's go back "!

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