8 Novembre 2018

Suzuki KATANA makes its debut at EICMA 2018

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The new KATANA is the protagonist of the Milan Salone, where a new and striking black color debuts in the world premiere.
In the space set up by Suzuki, Hall 22, two Katana from the past are also exhibited, the legendary 1100 from 1981 and a rare 750 from 1984.
The 2018 edition of EICMA immediately confirmed that even the Milan public, after that of the INTERMOT in Cologne, is eager to see the new Suzuki KATANA live. Since the opening of the gates of the Rho Fair, the B30 stand of Hall 22 has been crowded with people and the Suzuki press conference, which took place today at 9.30, was followed by a large number of journalists and professionals.
Precisely during the presentation, Suzuki showed the world premiere of the new KATANA in a new black color, which gives the model more grit and personality.
Suzuki also exhibits two very special Katanas at EICMA. It is one of the first Katana 1100 of 1981 and of 750 of 1984 with a retractable lighthouse, an evolution of the current model passing through the past.
"KATANA is a unique movement that can not remain indifferent and that does not allow half way. Since its first release in Cologne, to date, it has received over a million comments on the web. It is only by admiring it in person that one can grasp the essence of its cutting lines. "Akira Kyuji, General Manager of the European Motorcycle Sales & Marketing Department of Suzuki, told EICMA.
Even more than in pictures, the new Suzuki KATANA exercises all its irresistible charm under the EICMA spotlight, which suggests how this model is destined to remain in history, like its predecessors. In its line masterfully combines features that recall the shape of the first generation of 1981 and modern elements. This is demonstrated for example by the iconic dome, inspired by the ancestor and sharp like a katana, which houses a futuristic LED light, technology also used for the rear light and the arrows.
The superstructures are not only beautiful but also functional and define a driving position designed to ensure total control in every situation and to never be fatiguing.
A perfect balance emerges in the guide of KATANA. Thanks to a rigid and light aluminum frame, this Suzuki draws the trajectories with the precision and elegance typical of the peremptory gestures of the samurai.
A refined chassis, complete with suspension, brakes and top quality tires, allows you to fully enjoy the exceptional performance of the 150 hp Euro 4 engine. The four-cylinder KATANA is derived from another famous Suzuki of the recent past, the GSX-R1000, carefully developed for road use.
It is precisely in this context that we note the presence in the standard equipment of the electronic traction control and the Suzuki Easy Start System and Low RPM Assist devices, which facilitate start-ups and departures.
The new KATANA is a precious object, able to surprise with an incredible constructive care and a maniacal attention to details, even those that are farthest from sight. Just as Japanese craftsmen take endless hours to create the katana blades from the raw metal, Suzuki technicians have dedicated all of themselves to the design and development of this model. the result is a bike that you never get tired of looking at but that can be further enriched by choosing from the original accessories created by the House. As a novelty, compared to Intermot, we note the front fender in carbon, a material also used for the clutch covers and the crankcase. If you want to give a touch of red, you can opt for the colored brake calipers, for a special bi-colored coating for the saddle and for the stickers in the same color to be applied to the fairing and the rims. For a tourist use there are also the heated grips and smoked windshield while the sliders to be mounted on the hubs and the protective stickers allow you to better preserve the bike.

Next to the KATANA, on the Suzuki stand of EICMA 2018 there are also other interesting previews. The Milanese kermesse allows off-road enthusiasts to board the RM-Z250 2019, which is updated in the footsteps of his sister 450. A2 license holders can instead familiarize with the GSX-S750, now proposed in a 35 kW configuration, while those who love the supersport have a double reason for a ride at Suzuki. In addition to the model year 2019 of the GSX-R1000 / R, which benefits from many improvements, Suzuki Italia in fact brings to Rho the amazing RYUYO, limited edition racing version of only 20 pieces, made with the best components on the market.

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