18 Settembre 2017

New Suzuki GSX-R125, GSX-S125 and V-STROM 250 debut

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The Suzuki range expands with the entry of a list of three unveiled models aimed at becoming the undisputed new benchmarks in their respective market segments. The Suzuki GSX-R125 collects the legacy of the older sisters and claims the primacy of performance among the 125 sportsmen, thanks to the compact bicycle and the generous engine. The same Euro 4 single-cylinder also pushes the GSX-S125, an agile, easy and fun bunny designed for those who prefer a more relaxed driving position. The ultimate in practicality, however, is given by the eclectic. With these three bikes Suzuki rewrites the rules in the world of small cylinders and aims to break into the hearts of so many passionate young riders.
The new GSX-R125 features, on a small scale, all the features that for over thirty years make the GSX-R race the sport queen. Under a streamlined and streamlined fair, studied in the wind tunnel and embellished by a LED lighthouse, lies a solid and compact frame; the bicycle ensures stability and stability worthy of the best Hamamatsu tradition and makes the rider feel comfortable on any track, even on track. The saddle, the lowest among 125 sports, allows everyone to firmly seat their feet on the ground and maneuver safely, thanks to the wide steering angle. The four-valve DOHC single cylinder engine is at the top of the class for its generous deliveries and exceptional efficiency. The GSX-R125 can thus boast the best weight / power and weight / torque ratios of the category and stand up to even rivals while accelerating, despite having incredibly low fuel consumption. The primacy of GSX-R is also technology, thanks to exclusive solutions such as the Suzuki Easy Start System, which offers a quick start and no uncertainty. Everything is built and assembled with the utmost care and many components are worthy of superior motorcycles, such as the complete multifunctional LCD panel and the powerful daisy disc brakes. The GSX-R125 is available in black - at the price of Euro 4,590 franchise - and in the blue ink of the GSX-RR running in MotoGP at the price of Euro 4,690 franchisees.
The Suzuki GSX-S125 brings the same engine to the eighth naked world and many technical solutions that characterize the revolutionary GSX-R125. This also allows her to be the lightest of the class and to slip in her segment with the best weight / power ratio and the best acceleration. Like the GSX-R125, the GSX-S125 is small in size and pleases the view with athletic and sophisticated superstructures, whose lines originate in a gritty dome with LED lights. The small Hamamatsu has the lowest saddle between the 125 nude and offers a comfortable, upright driving position, ideal for comfortable daily travel. With the handlebar handle you always have a perfect control of the situation and you have the ability to divide into city traffic thanks to its exceptional handling. The GSX-S125, such as the GSX-R125, can also be driven by patent holders B. The chassis's excellent performance and the complete delivery of the four-valve DOHC single-cylinder engine, ready to rotate at each throttle rotation , they find a perfect expression in any type of track, especially in the more winding ones. The GSX-S125 is available in black and in two-tone red and black livery, both at a price of Euro 4,090 Euro; It is also available in the metallic Triton Blue, inspired by the colors of the ECSTAR Team of the MotoGP. The price is Euro 4,190 franchisees.
The range of Suzuki V-STROM has gained over the years the fame of adventure tourism for excellence. Now the family is widening with the arrival of the 250 that puts versatility and practicality at the same time for young people and those who want an easy bike but great substance to come back in a few years. The impressive and elegant looks at the two unforgettable Suzuki of the past, DR-Z and DR-BIG, and revisited their modern beak with modern styling, with a refined design headlight and a protective windshield. The tank ensures an autonomy of more than 500 km, also complicating the exceptionally low fuel consumption of the engine. Hamamatsu's two-cylinder combines high efficiency at a decidedly high starting point, especially in the range of 20 to 90 km / h, and allows for long trips both in pairs and full load. Reliable, convenient and easy to maneuver, the V-STROM 250 is ready to leave the daily routine of home-work journey to reach the farthest destinations. To make yourself a perfect globetrotter you just have to choose the original accessories like the side bags, the mounts of which are integrated, or the trunk. No goal is out of its horizon. The new V-STROM 250 is available black with red graphics or with the traditional SUZUKU yellow SUV. The price is Euro 5,740 franchisees.

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