7 Giugno 2018

The umbrellas of the Mugello


In addition to the historic and unpredictable victory of Lorenzo, in addition to Rossi's third place, in addition to the sensational "non-sanction" in Marquez, the Grand Prix of Mugello will be remembered for the ever present and beloved by the public, umbrellas. Data in hand, the largest number of photos are not made to the champions of the world championship or two-wheeled prototypes; the real winners of this particular statistic are the "girl grid" to the point of being considered an integral part of the show of the world championship. And of the importance of the umbrellas on the starting grid were also noticed in Formula 1 where they had been abolished and where they will return after the insistence of the fans of the category. Do not consider it simple embellishment and mute statuettes to support the riders on the starting grid. These young girls as well as beautiful are also passionate and often also active motorcyclists. On the other hand, what could push them to hold an umbrella between the hot sun and the hot asphalt if not the love for two wheels!

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