29 Agosto 2017

MotoGP Silverstone: Honda white smoke!

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The Honda was considered reliable in the absolute sense, but in England, on the Silverstone circuit, something went wrong and Marquez had to abandon the race with the engine in the air because of a technical problem. And in six races, it would be best to avoid any complications because, although it is not the end of the world title, zero in England has its weight; Furthermore, the engine running in smoke is another problem: the rule of continental propulsion will oblige to implement prudential strategies.
Among the riders in the title, Marquez is one that has fallen most often, especially during the trials, and it is no coincidence. If the team mate is the tail of the five iridescent rivals, the two Marc shows that he is the only one capable of driving despite the problems of fine tuning his RC213V, and in fact risks falling, Take the measures and win the races or score the qualifying records as it happened on the English track where he literally annihilated opponents falling under two minutes on the dry lap.
However, in the race it was evident that the Spaniard was in difficulty, especially with the rear, which slipped more than the pilot wanted and after a few laps from the road the bumper relegated him behind Rossi and Dovizioso, prompted by Crutchlow and Vinales. Unfortunately, the technical debacle did not reveal whether, as stated in its statements, it could have struggled for the podium or if it would continue to lose positions.
And while Pedrosa (seventh at almost eleven seconds from Dovizioso) liquidates the Anglo-Saxon weekend with a laconic "complicated weekend but we will be back at Misano!", Marquez shows all the disappointment more for lost points than for the blurred occasion: " I was really unlucky because I felt very good about the bike and was there with the others, only trying to handle the race and tires, especially the front with the highest temperature over Saturday, and I wanted to safeguard it to attack at the end. I had already seen Dovi had something more than Vinales and Rossi, but I thought I could try to fight with him. So, everything was going well when suddenly I had a problem with the engine at the end of the straight. It's a shame of course, but it's something that can happen in the race, and it was the first time for me with Honda. Positive is that here we have been fast, as in other tracks, and we are still in the Championship. Zero points, but I still feel good with the bike and I can not wait for the next races to come. "
He went relatively well to his team-mate Crutchlow who, after the excellent qualifying in the third place on the home circuit, came fourth (and the first of the Honda riders) under the 1.6-second checkered flag by the winner with the Its RC213V, which for the occasion was "dressed up" with the iconic Castrol livery: "It's frustrating when you come to win. You try to win every weekend, but this was special, I felt good last year and I felt good here again all weekend, but I did not do enough in the end. The other guys were quicker; The front tire was too soft for me and for this reason I struggled with the rear tire to turn the bike around. I did my best and ended fourth. A podium at home would be good, so yes, I'm disappointed, but all my esteem goes to the three guys coming in front. He drove in a fantastic way and I did not think he was the pilot for the whole weekend, I thought Marc was. But we have to go to Misano head down and try again there. "

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