28 Agosto 2017

MotoGP Silverstone: DOVIPOKER!

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It is no more than pure luck in the choice of tires and even of mechanical superiority; Dovizioso's fourth (net) victory over the historic English circuit of Silverstone has shown that the bike / pilot package works and is world title exactly ten years after Stoner's 2007 win. And Lorenzo's good performance also comes to the finish, fifth on the finish line at 3.5 seconds from his companion and constant for the duration of the race. The facts: Dovizioso is the rider (of the five who can realistically bet on the title) with more wins and less falls in the current season and for this reason he is, deservedly, at the top of the world. In addition, the Italian won the gallons in the field, winning strong on Marquez (in Germany) and Rossi (in England) giving tactical tactics and wickedness when they were now serving one, now the other. And it is the strategy that this year, more than in the past, will make a difference. Because Michelin is special rubber, so soft can prove to be more effective than hard when it is used and the average can make a difference more than a soft rubber. In summary, knowing and managing tires is the key to reading the whole championship and Ducati, more than the others, seems to have understood how to do ... at least to this day. The confirmation comes from the results and performance of Andrea, who runs the tires (assisted by cycling, electronics, aerodynamics and engine) better than the others, stressing them as little as possible in the early stages of the race and then exploiting their potential in the second part. At this point it would be reasonable to think that other top teams could implement the same strategy ... if it was all that was based on a method of work and development of the medium practically unique to the point where Ducati signed an exclusive contract with a software Italian house that has developed a program that measures the friction between tire and asphalt and allows you to predict and simulate tire behavior to evaluate its performance and define setup and strategy for the race. In addition, the Italian builder is spending energy and money to ensure competitiveness both at Dovizioso and Lorenzo to the point that in the Silverstone Grand Prize the Italian has run with the "standard" fairing while the Spanish has exploited the most aerodynamic load of the fins coming fifth And a few seconds from the winner (and teammate) and building a convincing and constant race. And if six runs from the end Jorge consolidates seventh in the standings and straight to Zarco (sixth) at 19 lengths, Andrea can celebrate the lead over Marquez (at this point of the season considered the most feared title opponent) of nine Points and a security that makes it possible to say that, ten years after Stoner's title on the red of Borgo Panigale, the title of an Italian on an Italian bike is really in its reach. "I am very happy for the win - said Dovizioso at the end of the race - fourth in the year, because we are winning very different races and that means we are really strong and we can play the championship. The race was tough because all of our rivals were very strong. Marquez was unlucky, but we did a perfect race because although we were not the fastest ever, we managed to interpret it best and win. This means that the work done during the weekend was great as well as my race strategy because I was able to put myself in the right position at the right time. This year every race is a story to itself and tires are always a key factor, but we are very focused on our working method that is giving its fruit. " Very important is the result (and repercussions) in Lorenzo's race that explains the strategy implemented at Silverstone: "This time I chose to make a departure a little more conservative than usual and maybe this has slowed my progression in the first laps. Surely after a rather difficult weekend, during which we never found the right pace, we must be happy because in the race I managed to handle the accelerator well and save the tires. This way the rear tire has remained constant throughout all revs. It was not enough to reach the group but to hold my detachment at the end of the race and get my best result of the season. And I think we can do even better in Misano. I want to congratulate Andrea, who has been really masterful and has proven to be perfect in managing this type of race. His results speak clear: four wins and world leadership can only make the team happy. " Finally, Ducati Corse's General Manager, Luigi Dall'Hagna, together with all the team, made these wonderful achievements: "I want to congratulate all the boys and girls of Ducati Corse for the fourth win of the season because if I think of how hard they have been engaged in all these years, I'm really happy to finally be able to collect the fruits of their work. Andrea did another wonderful race, where he really did not miss anything, and even Jorge got a good result on a difficult track like this, reaching just over three seconds from the winner, so I'm getting more optimistic for the future ".

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