14 Agosto 2017

MotoGP Austria: Yamaha tire alarm!

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It will be the choice of tires (but Marquez who fitted an identical solution closed second in the wake to the winner) or the chassis 2017 (Zarco with the customer motto came in front of both officers) or the fact that the track of the Red Bull Ring Is not welcome at the M1, but there is only one evidence: all the opponents in the title fight came to Vinale and Rossi mocked by the French comrade who drove a M1 version 2016 with soft tires (while the officers had opted for A toughest choice). After a first part of the races to the attack and re-climbing ahead of them, with the increase in tire wear both Rossi and Vinales progressively lost ground and surrendered important positions. Since riders have mounted soft and hard tires in front of them, it is reasonable to wonder if the problem of unsuccessful performance is due to an incomplete set-up of both mechanics and electronics. Especially because the lead at the limit meant that both drivers were stuck in small, but fatal for the end result, driving errors that relegated them to the sixth (Vinales) and seventh (Rossi) placed under the checkered flag. Certainly there will be races on which the official Yamaha will find themselves best and will fight for victory, but from now on every false step could mean abandoning all world hope as soon as the ranking is short and opponents continue to improve the performance of the Own motorcycles. "I suffered for a big drop at the back for almost any race," said Maverick Vinales. "When I went wide while I was struggling with Valentino, I just tried to calm down and run the tire until the end, but it was absolutely impossible Not only with others but also with Zarco, it was really hard to keep up their pace. We have to work very hard if we want to fight for this championship. I like Silverstone, it's one of the best times of the calendar, I really enjoy the lay-out and I will go there to win. "The same problems for Valentino Rossi who tried to explain technically what happened in the race:" Problems started after ten or twelve laps, unfortunately we over-stressed the rear tire, so the rear tire had a big Decay and we lost performance and speed. From that point on, it was very difficult to control the motorcycle. I also made a mistake in Braking, I did not step in the second half of the race and I suffered a lot because of the lack of grip. We worked a lot, but it seems the same problem we have had in Jerez and Barcelona. When we use too much the rear tire, the bike gets slower and harder to handle in the second half of the race. Certainly we have to work very mechanically and also on electronics to improve this problem. "

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