14 Agosto 2017

MotoGP Austria: Dovizioso ... what a show!

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Sunday's race on the Red Bull Ring circuit will be discussed for a long time because it was beautiful and fought, because Dovizioso and Lorenzo have shown that the new fairing is really effective because Andrea has gone through strategy and wickedness by winning the body With Marquez at the last curve. But above all because the real potential of the Dovizioso / Ducati binomial has come to power with the overwhelming power of the results (and three wins in the season), proves to be the true (and perhaps more dangerous and undervalued) Marquez's opponent for the title. The Austrian race, in fact, was tactically important for recovering points in the championship (now Andrea is in second place at -16 by Marquez) and to confirm the goodness of Lorenzo's choice on the GP17 (the Majorcan thanks to the excellent race test In fourth place finished in seventh position). The development work carried out by Ducati and the ability to choose the right tire for the race were the discriminants that guaranteed the excellent performance of both riders. Probably Lorenzo will be called to perform Dovizioso's gregarious role, which proves to believe in the title victory, showing a security that has never been seen in recent years and that, despite the discussions at the end of 2016 for the renewal of the songwriting, he appears to be the right man At the right time that focused on continuity and that in fact is playing the exact ten-year world championship with Stoner's title. The Forlivese is enjoying the best season of his career in the queen class with three successes (as many as Marquez and Vinales) and a single retirement (Marc and Maverick have collected two of them), confirming the consistency of their achievements; But never like this year the result seems uncertain to the point that the shortlist and the ability to track the right tire mix can change the field values ​​and the position in the championship in the run of a single race. "It was a crazy race," said Andrea Dovizioso, "but it was really amazing all weekend, and most of all the last curve of the last lap, because I managed to remain polished and understand that Marquez would have tried. It was a very difficult situation because if Marc had closed the door he would take me out and over. Instead I managed to resist and I won! I'm very happy with how we ran all weekend with my team: getting to know what the right tires were was really difficult and we did. We've done a great race, we're picking up points in the standings, and we have the cards in place to fight for the title. " Interesting also Jorge Lorenzo's statement, fourth at the finish after a great start: "I think it was my best race of the year: I started in the front row, I was in the lead for 11 laps, and I closed the GP a little More than 6 seconds from the winner. This time we missed the power, because from the third round I had to change the map to keep track of the consumption, and especially on the straight lines I lost much more than my opponents. Even the back rubber deteriorated on the right side and I could not get in touch with the head group. At each race things are better and I run more consistently and I can make better use of my bike. We miss a little, just a couple of tenths, in order to fight for victory and so we have to be satisfied. Congratulations to Andrea, because he has won a very difficult race with great merit ". The pride for the excellent results of both drivers is also evident in the words of Ducati Corse General Manager Luigi Dall'Igna: "Andrea made a really great race, both tactically and sportingly, and His victory took place incredibly, especially in the last two curves. I still have the adrenaline on it! Good Dovi, who made a perfect race, and also good Jorge, who was in charge of the race for the first eleven laps and ended the GP with a good fourth place. "

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