10 Agosto 2017

MotoGP Brno: Aprilia good result despite the penalty

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Whether it was in the air, the good performance in the race was understood from Friday (and even more so on Saturday's qualifiers) when the performance of the four-cylinder Italian was able to undermine top runners up to the glide of the Spanish. In Espargarò's race he showed that he was able to handle the tension when he was in the head and only after the box accident he lost part of the concentration and the pace to consolidate what was good until that moment. The optimized strategy managed by the box has allowed to limit damage by an eighth place that could be something more. Nevertheless, despite the 13th position in the overall standings, Espargarò is less than five points out of the 11th place and the constant presence in the top ten during the Grand Prize can only hope for the second half of the championship. Lowes lived for the first time a conditional race from the flag to flag. Complicated by the little experience of the bike change and having installed all the technical novelties on the RS-GP with wet trim (ie the one with which it started the race) has shown discrete performance that led to the Grand Prize in the 18th position . "The race was complicated from the start," said Aleix Espargarò, "I did not go very well but in the first laps I was recovering, then the track went drying rather fast. I thought I would come back soon though I do not really like to use The slick with a damp track, however, were among the first to change the bike, unfortunately the episode in pit lane involved Iannone. Fortunately, there were no physical consequences for him and for the boys in his team, but such a lazy situation did not It's easy to handle, we'll talk to the Safety Commission, I think it's worth thinking about some changes to make flag-to-flag less chaotic. In the second part of the race I could not be incisive, either because I used the least up-to-date bike Which I had less sense of both the choice of soft back rubber that did not allow to push. Surely we missed a good opportunity for an even better result but finish in the top ten In these difficult conditions remains an important confirmation of our level. " Sam Lowes said: "On Sunday the conditions were very strange. We started off in the wet but the track wiped off at incredible speed, thinking it might not be a blast to go straight to the slick. My first flag-to-flag, and I've learned a lot from this new experience. You have to adapt instantly to a very different bike, unfortunately the evolutions brought on this weekend by Aprilia were installed on the wet bike so I did not find the same feeling again. In any case, I used to confirm the big step of the new package, which certainly has a greater potential. " Interestingly Romano Albesiano Aprila Racing Manager's statements: "From a technical and sporting point of view it was a very good weekend, we were fast in all shifts and even in qualifying, without slipping, Aleix could have started the second or Third row. The race, as always in these cases, was a lottery but we were good at strategy. We consolidate our position that is abundantly within the top ten, we are really happy about the RS-GP's great step forward in this race. Unfortunately, we suffered a penalty for an episode in which the driver has no fault. And this is also a situation to be reconsidered, when many riders come together with the gear change, casualty is too big a role. With this penalty Aleix has not only lost positions but also precious time and, above all, the concentration and the steep pace he had until then. " Finally, we also read the weekend by Team Manager Fausto Gresini: "It was a good race and we are delighted with the result, the bike has grown a lot, Aprilia Racing worked so well and today we are closer to the first ones too If we have not yet fully expressed our potential. Too bad the episode with Iannone who sees both riders unworthy, in this respect the penalty imposed on the rider is totally unfair. There will have to be some remedy and certain rules for this situation but it is clear that the rider is blameless. "

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