7 Agosto 2017


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Whether it was the strategy or a series of lucky coincidences (but when it competes at certain levels is really rare) it does not matter: the Honda Repsol team pilots have capitalized on the two-day test run in Brno winning the first two places in the podium . Marquez took advantage of the weather conditions (obviously the same for all) and dispersed the opponents by mounting a soft rain at the back that kept the time to rake and then get into the box and get out with the second bike equipped with the slick. Gambling? Strategy? Fortuna? Can not give a certain answer. The fact is that Marc was the first driver to change the bike by turning on an asphalt in part still wet with slick and accumulating an advantage that guaranteed Spanish victory over the Czech Grand Prix. Same talk for teammate Pedrosa Has implemented a strategy more similar to most pilots and has brought home a second precious place in the world. In fact, the two drivers first won the box because Honda was more reactive than the opponents (Marquez's second bike was almost ready for the first lap) and because the Grand Prix tests guaranteed both a good starting set-up Already ready from Friday (and probably this was the true Honda winning strategy). The idea that we have been made is that Marquez's soft back was a more tactical move than a technique on which a perfect strategy game was built before the pilots were on the grid. In Brno's pit-game play (or flag to flag if we want to use a motomondral term), Honda has built its own success by playing the test jolly to ensure the best result at a crucial moment in the championship. Crutchlow himself managed to handle the box, race and weather, and fifth place in two seconds from the podium to show them. On the overall standings Marquez stretches and becomes, alongside Vinales, the rider with more (three) and more (two) wins. Pedrosa remains fifth, but shortens the distance on Dovizioso (third) and Rossi (fourth) while Crutchlow (ninth) begins to be dangerous for Petrucci (eighth and same points) and Tech3 team duo, becoming a contender for Sixth place in the championship close to the official drivers playing the 2017 title. "It was a very special Sunday because everyone was running for Angel Nieto, but it was also a very challenging race," said Marc Marquez. "On the grid, I took the risk of using the soft rear tire, because I thought it would give me more grip in the first five laps before changing the bikes, but it did not go so. From the start I had to fight and lost many positions, so I did I decided to go in immediately and risk. When I went back to the track it was still too damp in some parts and I almost fell in the first lap. I took risks but it was one of those days in cu You have to do it. After creating a gap, I just tried to handle, run, and end the race. I'm really happy with the result. It's a track on which normally batch and get 25 points was very important. I thank the team for the great job! We did the right strategy during the summer break, coming here to try, and we got prepared. We are improving step by step. The Championship is still very, very tight; We must be able to be fast in every condition. "These are Daniel Pedrosa's statements:" This weekend we have been competitive in all situations, in qualifying and in the race. I'm really happy with the performance and the way I've been on the bike. In general I feel stronger than in the first part of the season. Normally, when it's still a bit wet and you have to pass the slick, you need to be super concentrated. This is a strong point for Marc, as he is always very good at these conditions; We must be able to maintain the same concentration in the future because these details are very important. However, thanks to the team and Michelin for the incredible feeling I had on the bike. We missed five points from Marc but recovered from our rivals. I think the team's strategy of trying during the summer break was right. We have also improved some small details of the bike and now I feel more comfortable for the second part of the season. "

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