28 Giugno 2017



It is unnecessary to deny it, from the Assen Grand Prix the Honda is out of shape despite Marquez's third place that saves the honor of the Japanese. Both Repsol pilots have never really appeared in qualifying and racing, and the podium, more entrenched by Dovizioso's défaillance in the Dutch rain than the Marquez's Honda performance, has the flavor of a reasoned result (and As a bookkeeper) of those who want to point to the world and leak losses on the circuits where the gamble could turn into the zero zero. And if we consider that the drivers of the official Honda team have collected more falls than all their direct opponents, it is perfectly understandable that Marquez and Pedrosa are forced to drive to the limit of the bike in order to obtain performance and world-class results. The falling rain on the circuit has fortunately scuffled the group's struggles for the third place from which Marc came out winner, packed a few thousandths by teammate Crutchlow, reconfirmed in the LCR Honda team but with HRC contract for two years. Across the box Pedrosa comes from Assen with the 13th finish due mainly to a lack of feeling with the tires when the temperature dropped on the circuit. Drawing the sums, the top five pilots in the overall standings had come to Holland in 28 points and left the historic circuit with the same posting but scrambled, with Marquez at -11 by Dovizioso (provisional leader) and Pedrosa tail big tail . These are the words of Marquez at the end of the race from which regrets also that he has not struggled for a possible win: "I am very happy with the podium and our race because we have been competitive enough in dry conditions on a track that is not For the best of us. Of course the conditions were very difficult and in this kind of situation you can lose or gain many points. I chose the safest option. Maybe I could try to fight for victory, but honestly I had some warnings and I thought it was too dangerous for the championship, so I decided to be constant in the race and push to the end at last. I paid a lot of attention to figure out where the limit was, but in the end I managed to handle the bike well. We are 11 points away from leadership and this is important, it does not count towards fourth place. Now we will run into circuits that could be better for us, so we will work hard and see what will happen. " Crutchlow is also happy with his race result, but also talks about tire problems: "I'm happy to be fourth. I was a bit disappointed with my rhythm in the middle race because I had some problems with the front tire and could not push as I wanted. But I thought we were still struggling for a good result and I continued to struggle. I had a nasty start that really hindered me, as did not start from the first rows; I think I actually paid for the podium or even the chance to fight for victory because the pace was not too fast. After that it started to rain and I kept my mind shiny, but I made a mistake showing Marc and Dovi my cards too early and I could not rethink them last lap; Marc, in fact, chased me and passed the last curve: there was nothing I could do. But it was a great fight, I loved it. " Diametrically opposed, as the result, Pedrosa's statements: "The race was very difficult as I did not make a great start and did not recover the positions as I hoped. I immediately accused a big gap despite having to go quite well with the riders I had before. Later, when the rain arrived, I slowed down a bit and the tires began to lose their temperature instantly. I know that I am very sensitive to this kind of situation and that next time I will need to handle it better. I have to find a way to keep the slick temperature because when it cools it becomes very difficult to go back to its own pace and regain confidence. Unfortunately I was not able to handle this weekend any better; The positive points are that I could have made good lap times at the start of the race and that I missed one point on the leader in the league standings. " And as we mentioned just above, the circus does not breathe and prepares for the next round at Sachsenring where in 2016 Marquez and Crutchlow were protagonists in the rain.

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