19 Lugio 2018

Suzuki presents the RM-Z250 2019

Motocross | Suzuki

Its look is inspired by the breathtaking RM-Z450 and resumes traditional Suzuki styles, with a characteristic beak fender. Thanks to the unpublished chassis and the updated engine, the RM-Z250 is ready to dictate the law in the race as to accompany the amateurs in the occasional outings. Suzuki unveils the RM-Z250 2019 and rewrites the rules of the quarter-liter class motorcycle segment. In designing this model, Hamamatsu engineers have set themselves a well-defined goal: to achieve a perfect balance, which allows Suzuki pilots to stand out on tracks all over the world for years to come. The technicians have worked at 360 degrees, on all three areas able to bring the performance to a higher level: "Run", "Turn" and "Stop", ie departure, cornering behavior and braking. The RM-Z250 2019 therefore still raises the bar compared to the already fantastic performance of the current model and is a candidate to mark an era in the world of competitions. The RM-Z250 2019 makes the most progress in terms of driveability and speed in corners. The credit goes to the robust aluminum frame and the swingarm with variable cross section designed from scratch. The trim is then the result of careful tuning and the fork adopts new springs. The rigidity of the whole chassis is optimized for an incomparable driving precision on any terrain, obtained by adopting also new tires. The superstructures are derived from the RM-Z450 2018 and express great dynamism. The front is characterized by the beak fender, which is a distinctive feature of the glorious off-road Suzuki. The various elements make the RM-Z250 2019 leaner and streamlined, ensuring a perfect driving position for riders of all sizes. With its shape the Renthal Fatbar aluminum handlebar, in particular, ensures total control and also gives a special touch to the design. The single cylinder of the RM-Z250 2019 benefits from important upgrades to the intake and exhaust system, revised above all in the inner part of the silencer. The interventions result in faster responses to the accelerator, in a higher torque and in a higher maximum power. Beyond the absolute values, this Suzuki engine has an incredibly progressive and linear delivery, the ideal to put at ease any pilot and to allow the agonists to express themselves at the highest levels. To take full advantage of all this potential, the driver has the advanced Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control system (S-HAC). For all other driving situations, Suzuki has developed an ingenious traction management device that regulates the power delivered by the engine based on parameters such as speed, throttle position and gear engaged. Simple and ingenious, it improves the motility on every bottom and gives the possibility to each rider to improve his lap times on any track, making the bike even more fun and easy to manage. The production of the RM-Z250 2019 will start in December and the first deliveries will take place at the beginning of 2019.

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