13 Giugno 2018

The new Kawasaki KX450 MY19 has been unveiled

Motocross | Kawasaki

The KX450 has always been built with one goal: to get riders on the highest step of the podium. And after more than 40 years, Kawasaki offers an unrivaled car with a more powerful engine mounted on an even slimmer frame. With its components and tuning, the new KX450 engine is even more powerful with an additional 3.4 horsepower. Small mistakes and sudden stalls will be a problem to forget thanks to the "electric" start that will allow you to fight quickly to get back on the fugitives and launch towards the leading group. Present a new hydraulic clutch that offers a more direct feeling and a light action on the lever. In addition, the KX450 comes with a selection of DFI couplers to easily change engine mapping, while the KX FI calibration accessory kit allows riders to learn more details and completely customize engine maps. To further increase performance, the last step on the KX was to lighten it in every single component and use an improved lightweight aluminum perimeter frame. The most powerful engine, the slender chassis and the greater "grip" on the front and rear ensure the possibility of grounding the considerable power in a controllable and efficient way. The larger diameter front axle and the revised rear suspension layout and leverage ratios ensure perfect alignment of the lines from the gate drop to the final flag. The Showa 49mm inverted fork ensures smooth action and consistent cushioning in all situations, while the new, more powerful brakes ensure the best performance when needed with a 250mm rear disc and a 270mm oversized front combined with the new cylinder to offer improvements in the round when braking. The completely new plastics make the KX more compact, easier for the rider's movements and with an adaptable driving position thanks to personal preferences thanks to the handlebars and adjustable footrests.

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