7 Giugno 2018

Husqvarna Motocross MY2019

Motocross | Husqvarna

Husqvarna has just written one of the most beautiful pages in its history, winning the first Supercross FIM 450SX world championship with Jason Anderson and the second consecutive title in the 250SX Costa Est category thanks to Zach Osborne. A few days after this great success, Husqvarna raises the veil on its full range of motocross models 2019. This new generation consists of five very high quality motorcycles, completely redesigned to offer both the professional and the amateur the highest level of technology today available on the market. Thanks to the indications of the new champions and the entire official Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team, and the extensive internal development and testing activities, Husqvarna engineers have introduced a new list of improvements to the new generation of the FC and TC models, to continue to fix the reference in terms of driving, performance, weight and aesthetics. The new Husqvarna motocross models for 2019 were conceived by combining state-of-the-art technology and premium quality components with a long series of technical and functional improvements, with the aim of allowing riders of any capacity to reach even higher levels advanced in their respective cross-career careers. To sum up, the new Husqvarna 2019 are the most sophisticated and authentic cross bikes ever built. For the 2019 range, Husqvarna presents a new generation consisting of five 2 and 4-stroke models, representing the most recent evolution of the motocross line of one of the most important and traditional brands. From the very agile TC 125 to the powerful FC 450, every model in this range is the new reference in the respective class. In the long list of improvements stands out the new chassis, which for the Model Year 19 gains greater longitudinal rigidity in favor of a better feeling for the rider. Finished with a blue powder coating, the frame fits perfectly with the new WP suspension setting. Both the air AER fork and the shock absorber have a renewed calibration that helps to further improve shock absorption and straight line stability. At the engine level, all five models receive a series of carefully studied improvements. Among these, the flagship FC 450 has a redesigned and more compact single-mast head, which reduces the overall weight of the engine by a half kilo. To further improve performance - always keeping the masses to a minimum - for 2019 the exhaust system has received substantial changes on all models both 2-stroke and 4-stroke. All new bikes use high quality ProTaper handlebars, and new DID wheel nipples; The 4-stroke FC models also have a 2.0 Ah Li-ion battery with improved current delivery. To underline the pioneering direction taken by Husqvarna in the design of off-road motorcycles, new plastics offer ergonomics designed to offer the best in terms of comfort and control of the vehicle.
What changes on the Husqvarna from motocross 2019:
Redesigned superstructures
Redesigned single mast head on FC 450 (lighter than 500 g)
Frame painted in blue with greater longitudinal stiffness
New two-piece seat post frame (lighter than 250 g)
Set-up of the WP AER 48 fork updated
New piston and updated set-up for the WP DCC monoshock
New 2-stroke silencers, the first part of the manifold redesigned on the TC 250
Chain tensioner adjustment stroke increased by 5 mm
Protectors plates integrated in the front number plate
Updated traction control and launch control (4T models)
New accelerator cable path to simplify maintenance
Resonance chambers redesigned to improve flow and more compact silencers (4T models)
New generation 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery
Revised cooling system, with new central tube
External fuel line moved inside for greater protection
ProTaper handlebar with new fold
DID wheels with new nipples.
The new MY2019 motocross range will be available at Husqvarna authorized dealers starting in June. For details on pricing and availability, refer to Husqvarna Motorcycles Italia.

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