7 Gennaio 2018

KTM: Auto VS Moto

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Historically, the bike has been opposed in eccentric challenges against airplanes, trains and so on and so forth. Challenges have often been proposed between ultra-powerful sports cars and motorcycles of the same category but with one third of power. Today, thanks to KTM's ability to produce two- and four-wheel vehicles, the challenge becomes interesting because it compares a car that takes advantage of lightness and exotic materials while mounting an Audi-derived engine not really hyper-sporty, and a sports motorcycle. but not extreme. The X-Bow was born with the idea of ​​re-proposing feelings similar to those of a motorcycle while the RC8 is proposed as a sport not extreme but able to be fast if entrusted to an experienced rider who knows how to use the right wrist. Who will win this challenge?

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